Inspire each student to develop a personal relationship with Christ.

Educate by providing a biblical foundation in faith for each student.

Equip by preparing and facilitating the opportunity for each student to serve.


God placed a passion on our hearts to inspire, educate and equip Christians to serve in the kingdom of God. Bethany Bible School is a product of this vision. Bethany Bible School was founded August 2013 when a group of people who all had a passion to equip our future generation united and established a school that could help them accomplish this mission.


Bible School students will have an opportunity to go on a missionary trip after they graduate. There will be opportunities to take short term trips and long term trips depending on the students desire, and call from God.

Some locations include:
Thailand, Philippines, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Belarus, Mexico, as well as certain states in the Unites States.


Pavel Bondaruk


Oleg Teleten

Academic Dean

Sergey Kisel

Youth Pastor

Vadim Yevchenko


Lena Bondaruk

Office Manager

Ben Bondaruk

Quality Control

Paul Oliferchik

Vika Kravchuk

Slavik Yasinsky

Luda Yasinsky

Janet Kuzmenko

Max Kulinich

Yura Mikhaylenko

Angela Tsubera

Velina Tsubera

Alex Zubarev


Testimony from Eddie Litvinov

Bible School Opening for Class 2016

Bible School Opening for Class 2016

INSPIRE Conference on Nov 15th 2015 (video)

INSPIRE Conference from November 15, 2015

Testimony from Paul Oliferchik

Testimony from Paul Oliferchik

Bethany Bible School Graduation 2015 (video)

Bethany Bible School's class of 2015 graduated on May 31, 2015.

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