I am so excited this week! Completely fired up! Why, you ask? Well because we are officially half way through the semester (which is actually the sad part), BUT Leo Frank came all the way from Germany to teach us this week! Germany just so happens to be where I want to spend half a year on my missionary trip after Bible School ends. What did I come to realize by the end of the week? Mainly just one thing, I speak not even one ounce of German! Kein Ding! (That means “nothing!” in German) Yes, I had to Google translate that! But alas, there was hope, because according to Leo, they speak English there! Woohoo! Anyhow, talk on missionary work will come later!

Leo Frank came down from Germany to cover the topic of music. Let’s be real with ourselves, we’ve all asked the same questions. Is this song Christian? Am I allowed to listen to this? Why can’t we play drums in this church or in that church? Why are some instruments banned? What’s the right way to worship? And the list goes on… Well Leo answered ALL of our questions! We went so deep into music; I only wish that everyone heard him speaking! Well, what it all comes down to, is the words of the song. What are the words talking about, who wrote the song, and what were his or her intentions when writing the song? The idea of it is so simple and so complex at the same time, but it kept us eager to hear it all.

Another thing that was especially awesome about Leo was that before every class lecture, he had us open with a worship song (Traditional or modern, it didn’t matter! We sang it all!) He taught himself how to play piano and guitar! (Can you believe it?!?! And he’s REALLY good!) I played piano for two years and guitar for almost a year, and let me just tell you the struggle is real! Is requires some real commitment and dedication! (Ask any musician! I kid you not!)

Outreach this week was also a huge success. This week was our team’s (Our team name is ‘The Leftovers’, for those who forgot) first time doing jail ministry. With jail ministry what you do is, you go to jail with your group, then you split up into groups of three, you pick a Russian sounding name off of the inmates list (since we focused on the Slavic population in jail) and then you go and talk to them through a glass pod (like the ones you see on TV shows with the phone booth) and you minister to them for an hour. We went to a guy named Valerik, and I thought it would be awkward, but this guy turned out to be a Christian, and he was preaching to US when we should’ve been preaching to HIM! He had bible verses memorized and everything! You can really tell that he had a lot of free time. That really put things into perspective for me. As bible school students we should really know our bibles, and…. Well…. I didn’t (at least not as well as I should have). I went home looking up verses to memorize!

It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I was so worried that I’d be stuck trying to bring a murderer to Jesus. What God taught me was that, the main thing is not to look at these people in jail with eyes of judgment! Admittedly, it was hard at first, but you look right past it once you get into a conversation. The truth is, we are just like these people, they just sinned a different kind of sin, but need Jesus just as badly as we do. Secondly, it’s not our job to save these people, all we have to do as Christians is show that we care and plant the seed, God does the rest! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us next week! Stay tuned!

#TestimonyOfTheWeek: BBS student William Petlinsky shared his testimony this week about a few of his friends who were still in the world. After a funeral, he and his buddies went out to the park, and Will (being the nice Christian man that he is) was looking for a word from God to tell his buddies. All the while he’s thinking about what message to give to his friends, God spoke to him and told him “Hey, you play guitar, you’re good at it, just play! You don’t need to give a message to do my will! You don’t need to do anything ‘big’!” Next thing you know, he’s on his guitar jamming to some Christian songs, and all his friends join in to worshipping God for a long while!

I just want to say that no matter what you do, even if it doesn’t seem like its doing enough, just do it all for the glory of God and He will make it more than enough! Our God is the God who fed five THOUSAND men (that’s not including the women and children) and fed them all with two loaves of bread and five fish. It didn’t seem like it was enough, but God worked through it, and made it so that there was even basketfuls left over! Our God is a God of great miracles! There is no deed too small for Him! Praise be to God and God alone! Till next week!

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April 2nd, 2015|