So sleep is a thing of the past! I’m not gonna lie, but every day I am going to sleep later and regretting it every morning, only to repeat the process all over again. I have to keep getting more creative at keeping myself awake! Thank God for the ten-minute breaks every hour, if it weren’t for those breaks I don’t know how I’d survive.

These past two weeks we were seriously blessed with our new professor, Siarhei Padniuk. This guy is the real deal, he’s the big shot! He is actually the dean of his own University back in Belarus with not one but TWO PhD’s (That’s right! You heard it here folks! Two PhD’s!). He was the teacher to some of the teachers that we’ve already had and some teachers that we’re going to have in the future. So yeah! He’s the stuff! (Good luck to the teacher after him. Big shoes to fill). He taught us a lot about how to read the bible, and what questions to ask, and what to know before you read. I felt brain dead after all the information he fed us with! You ask this guy a question, and he WILL spend an hour answering it… in great detail! He’s the one you want to go to for all those weird questions that no one could ever answer (Things like: where is God when cancer kills? Or where is God when I’m hurting?!) The way I read the bible now is totally different than the way I read the bible two weeks ago because of him! I can spend a good hour on one chapter when before I’d read it in five minutes. He is actually even joining us for our Mexico trip! (Woot Woot!)

In other news, this week was the first week that we got to do our outreach ministries! (There are four types of outreach ministries: Kids Ministries, Elderly Ministries, Jail Ministries, and Street Preaching). My group (Go team Leftovers!) had the privilege of serving our elders. Our group had about an hour to spend with them. We started our ministry with a short intro and then some hymns. All went well until it came down to actually talking to them. Maybe it’s because it was our first time with the elderly, but personally, it was a super awkward first time experience for me! Some of the ladies there can’t speak, and others can’t understand you. (Let’s just say, I was ready to be done!) As the leader of our team, I just can’t wait to redeem ourselves next week. (I’m thinking to make them some cards, have a short story time, and pre-prepped conversations….and can’t forget the prayer!) It may not have been a perfect first time, but God is teaching us and we are continuing to grow and gain experience for a more effective future in ministry!

#TestimonyOfTheWeek: We have one crazy testimony for this week. One of our students (Diana Tkachuk, Missouri) could have potentially died along with everyone in her household! One evening she decided to make herself some dinner. At her home in Missouri she has an electric stove, but here she was using a gas stove. Upon finishing her dinner, she turned off the stove as she normally would, except she didn’t turn the knob all the way (so the fire went out, but the gas was still on). For over two hours, the house was being filled with gas! Meanwhile, during this time the owner would normally sleep at her workplace, but on this day she decided to come home early instead. The moment she stepped out of her car she smelled the gas and ran inside to turn it off. We can just thank the good Lord that none of the girls lit a lighter because one spark and BOOM! Upon doing research, they found out that if they had went to bed with the gas on, they would’ve most likely died!


oksana_web– Oksana Kambur

February 27th, 2015|