The problem of lack of sleep and morning traffic is that it only gets worse. So what’s the solution you ask? Well… we sleep at church! That’s right! Sleep right here at the BBS lounge. Keep your eyes peeled for the four musketeers (the four people I carpool with every morning) thinking ahead! Instead of waking up at 6:00am and driving through traffic from antelope for an hour, we skip the whole process and just sleep on our luxurious couches! It all works out, especially this week! This Saturday, our BBS class had to be at church at 8:00 am to go to our road trip to Stinson Beach!! To be here at 8am we had to wake up SUPER early, and on top of that, we had to stay pretty late Friday night to clean up after the men threw us ladies a March 8th women’s party (Best and sweetest party ever attended! They literally made a program, dressed as waiters, and cooked a three-course meal for us ladies!)… Anyways, we figured, ‘Hey, why not just sleep here?” We ended up getting plenty of rest, and I have a feeling that it won’t be the last time staying the night here!

This week we were privileged to have Sister Alice Shevkenek and her partner in crime Sister Barbara Maddox at BBS! Sister Alice is truly a woman of God! She stayed single and dedicated her whole life to God! She’s now 90 years old! 90!…. Can you believe that? 90 years old and she lives every day completely and totally in love with God and spreading His word! She is so anointed with the Holy Spirit you can feel it when she walks by! She lectured on the topic of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Everyone learned so much. What stuck out to many students was that the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues are two completely different things. We often confuse that idea, thinking that they are one, when in reality there is the Holy Spirit, and then there is a completely separate GIFT of speaking in tongues! I was so inspired by her and Sister Barbara for being so full of life and energy. We seemed so drained and exhausted, but there she was, Sister Alice, on her feet the whole time (even though she was provided with a chair, she insisted on standing as she lectured) and she had more energy than the students who are still young in age! I know she has a great reward waiting for her in heaven!

The Outreaches were yet again a huge success, no surprise there! Sister Alice and Sister Barbara prayed over us before we left, and God really blessed us! This time was especially personal for me. I remember not wanting to go at all! I was planning on heading home instead because I was feeling a little sick, but for some reason I decided I had to push through these temptations and just go! Well what do you know; God definitely blessed us yet again! The person we ended up visiting in jail was actually an old friend of mine from High School who had fallen from the way of God. He JUST got locked up before we came there! It’s like God knew that on this exact week, I would be doing jail ministry at that exact jail at that exact time! There is no way that that happened randomly! God sent me there and I felt it! I didn’t know what to do or what to say when I saw him, all I knew was that God would use me, and He would plant a seed in my friend’s heart! I couldn’t be more excited! The whole experience was so overwhelming. I plan on staying in touch with him until his bail drops and then bringing him to church, and introduce him to some new friends! He showed a lot of interest in wanting to get his life back on track and coming to Christ. It taught me a thing or two as well. Don’t wait till the worst happens to decide to come to God; you can come to God before you hit rock bottom!

Finally, we went on a SEVEN MILE hike at Muir Woods Park near Stinson Beach to top it all off! (I mean, who am I kidding, I didn’t actually go on the hike. BUT everyone who did, came back worn, torn and starving!) I heard I missed out on some of God’s beautiful nature and some students shared that they got a chance to bond with other students through this hike and even though at times it was very difficult, in the end fighting through the tough hike was worth it! Similar to how at times the life of a Christian can be trying and you may feel like giving up but you just have to keep fighting and in the end it’s totally worth it!

For our next road trip, BBS is heading out to Oregon and Washington! Hear all about it here on the blog coming soon! Blessings to all the readers! Toodles!

oksana_web– Oksana Kambur

April 9th, 2015|