Elim. The question all the Sacramento outsiders are dying to know! What is it? What is Elim? The first two weeks of Bible School, Bethany Slavic Missionary Church, sent us students on a two-week getaway to Elim. Elim is one of Bethany’s properties located in Marysville, which is about an hour away. Here the BBS students live in cabins and spend, literally, every waking moment together. This is where the fun begins!

Starting every morning off at 7:00 am (6:30 for the girls, because well, you know how it is), all students are expected to be at morning exercise by 7:15. (You’d think that this morning exercise would keep us in shape and all but no, if anyone got in shape it was definitely a round shape). Then of course a nice hefty breakfast followed by class for about 6 hours with Dr. Jhenya Beinia (This guy is bomb.com! Funniest wise guy you will ever meet! Trust me you will hear about him all year). I know! Six hours! Sounds dreadful right? It sounds like a really long church service! By now you’re probably thinking, “Boy, I’m glad I didn’t join BBS. Sounds boring!” Well it wasn’t! That was one of the best parts of BBS so far. It was going to Elim, not with just anyone, but with Dr. Jhenya! This guy knows how to keep you focused and interested! I can already tell that every single teacher after him will be compared to him!

Day one was a little rough. Everyone was getting situated, just learning each other’s names, and in all honesty, it was a bit nerve wrecking. But the fact that we were pretty much forced to get along made everything all the better. We HAD to learn each other’s names, we HAD to get along, we HAD to be together, and we were. Pretty quickly too. After just a few nights God really started to work in us. He stirred up our hearts. Prayer is what brought us together. The first night of prayer room, we were allowed to break the curfew for just a few hours as long as we were praying, and everyone in the prayer room just connected! We came together in our brokenness and in our hurt. Everyone supported each other and we just opened our hearts and prayed for one another. Being here at BBS just felt right from then on, it felt like we were all family, like brothers and sisters in Christ. From that moment, there was a sense of connection between all of us. Personally, God put a place in my heart for everyone in our class and everyone who helped put it together. It is amazing how quickly God shows Himself to those who seek Him.

The greatest thing about the first two weeks was discovering everyone’s true reason for coming to Bible School in the first place. That’s what inspired me. It seemed like almost everyone was there for the same reason: we want God, we want more of God, we all have that thirst, that passion for more of God and we came together, supported one another and encouraged one another to get closer to Him. I see God working in all of us and although it’s only been two weeks, I know that God has so much more in store for us. He brought people from ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES to be here for Him! God doesn’t just do things like that for no reason! There is purpose here, there is a strong will! His power is here and His Holy Spirit is upon us.

I believe that God will make leaders out of our class! This is only the beginning! God will inspire, educate and equip us for His glory, and I know that He still has to do a lot more breaking down before He gets to the heart and soul of everyone here! A revival is coming! BBS class of 2015 will bring on a whole new generation of leaders! Praise to God and God alone! Till next week!

oksana_web– Oksana Kambur

February 2nd, 2015|